D-Vine is the first wine tasting machine for a wine by the glass experience that provides the perfect oxygenation and temperature for your 10 cl bottles of wine. Let’s try your connected sommelier!

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The perfect design!

When Constance Guisset, a talented French designer, bumped into 3 other French engineers, it felt like Haute Couture merged with high technology... An impressive result of elegance and easy to use device called D-Vine.

Dimensions : 10 inches (width), 21 inches (height), 8 inches (depth)

Easy to use

From the machine to the bottle, the link is RFID technology! The chip placed on the 10cl-bottle allows the machine to read the ideal temperature and aeration for the selected wine. Insert the bottle, place your wine glass in position, then when the green light stops blinking, your wine is ready to be tasted!

They have tried it

They have tried it

They have tried it

From the grapes to the bottle

Keep in mind that before being able to offer you a unique experience, our partners, wine growers and wine makers, made an outstanding work. This is why we decided to showcase their story and their unique know-how on our website through a dedicated product page for each one of them. Even easier, just scan the RFID chip of the bottles with your smartphone or tablet to learn more about the producer and the appellation.
Our goal is also to spread and enhance your knowledge!

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A French adventure

Manufacturing in France seemed an obvious choice for us. Creating and developing a machine that exalts the beauty of our French terroir required more than 30 local partners! A real challenge that we completely taken up! Let’s go back to the main events that have marked our company since 3 years...

Our story (french)

Our partners


A partnership was created between ABMI and D-Vine to develop an efficient technology of temperature control. The technology is patented and respects the organoleptic quality of the wine.

École Centrale :

The renowned engineering school “Ecole Centrale” in Nantes supported D-Vine on the aeration and cooling down functions. Their laboratories have also allowed the thermal model validation.


The WIT company develops the 10cl bottle made of glass, which design and filling process are protected by 5 patents.

Naonext :

Naonext is an electronic research laboratory based in Nantes, France, with which D-Vine developed one of the electronic part of the D-Vine.

They have tried it

Amélie Neau

Wine grower,
Domaine de Nerleux (Loire Valley)

« The D‐Vine concept is really impressive. We tasted our Cuvée Prestige Saumur‐Champigny, ageing in an oak barrel. And we found the wine really tasted better, after being just 30 seconds in the D-Vine. »

David Cobbold

Wine journalist
BFM (French channel)

« It’s an efficient machine to try small quantity of young wines at the perfect temperature. The range of wine is properly selected. »

Béatrice Dominé

Oenologist & Restaurant Owner
Bistrot l’Alchimiste (Nantes)

« A too hot temperature and the alcohol goes out, a too cold temperature and the flavors are totally hidden. Regarding the aeration, it is necessary to reveal the aromatic palette of the wine. »

They mentionned us

« A new way of consuming »

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« 10-Vins offers the first wine tasting machine for a wine by the glass experience »

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« Guaranteed effect […] its indusputable easy-to-use aspect. »

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« A real personal sommelier at home […] put away your corkscrew as well as your fridge. »

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Is D-Vine available in my country?

For deliveries in France, Belgium or UK please order on our website (Delivery before October 2016):


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